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The Chaplaincy was established in 1976 as an ecumenical venture supported by the City Centre Churches of all the main denominations; it is based at St. Andrews Church Annexe, Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Its ministry is to the commuters who work in the city centre: in the shops and offices, departmental stores and banks, local government and many other places of work.

chaplaincy aims

  1. To learn the nature of commerce, business and other City based institutions and firms and to understand the effects of City working life on individuals and on groups.
  2. To share the insights of Christian belief and faith in the life and stresses of the City centre.
  3. To minister to the needs of individuals and groups within the City.
  4. To work with others toward a more humane society.

general approach

The Chaplain is neither a part of Management nor Staff nor Union but is present only at the invitation of all concerned. The Chaplain’s role is ecumenical and it should be apparent that the chaplain is not acting for any single denomination and is aware of our multi-faith context.

role of the chaplain

From what is written above, it will be apparent that the Chaplain’s role is not so much to be seen in “talking religion” as in supporting and encouraging the fullest involvement with everyday life, in a creative and positive way. We operate in three principal areas and at all levels:

  1. Departmental stores, shops and retail organisations.
  2. Business generally, including the business professions and financial institutions.
  3. Local government, in particular the Civic Centre and the public services such as the Police.

chronicle manThe work includes:

    1. Visiting stores on a regular basis and other places of business as opportunity affords. Talking with and listening to people, and giving support if required.
    2. Producing and sending regular updates and information about the Chaplaincy, it’s work and events.
    3. Taking part in training courses and membership of policy discussion groups.
    4. Establishing and maintaining a presence within organisations that are a part of the City’s business and commercial life.
    5. Creating opportunities for people to meet informally across the boundaries of their own occupations.
    6. Arranging discussion groups at the Chaplaincy and elsewhere to share ideas on specific issues of common interest.
    7. Fostering interest among Christians of all denominations and supporting them. Working with people of other faiths.
    8. Co-operating with others in arranging conferences or other meetings for the benefit of commerce and industry.
    9. Caring for people in need from the City Centre and providing them with practical help.
    10. Addressing organisations and other interested groups on the work of the Chaplaincy.

Enquiries and requests for further information will be welcome by the Chaplain at:
The City Centre Chaplaincy, based at:

St. Andrews Church Annexe,
Newgate Street,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE1 5SS.
Tel: 0191 232 7935.


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