Prayer by Dawn Elliott Davis on 09 Jan 2014
Lord, I thank you for the challenges in life.
I am grateful for the stimulating , exciting,
creative activities that keep me thinking,
working, experimenting and experiencing all
the joys of achievement. I thank you for life
itself and the strength to work earnestly toward
important goals. Bless me today, I pray, and all
who work here that we make creative use of what
you give us of your creation. Amen.
Prayer by Book of Common Prayer on 02 Aug 2013
Heavenly Father, in you we live and move and have our being.
We humbly pray that you so guide and govern us
by your Holy Spirit that in all the cares and
occupations of our life we may not forget you
but may remeber that we are ever walking in
your sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Prayer by Bridget Meeham and Regina M Oliver on 05 Jul 2013
God, I am grateful for my job.
Even though you listen to a lot of complaints from me,
I know how blessed I am to have work
that challenges me and pays the bills.
Stir up my creative energies that I might
make a worthwhile contribution to this endeavour.
May my boss and co-workers experience my
support and teamwork. When they look at me,
may they see you. Amen.
Prayer by David Adam on 03 May 2013
For the potential you have given us
For the possibliites that lie before us
We thank you, heavenly Father.

For our plans and their fulfilment
For you promise and their enjoyment
We thank you, heavenly Father.

In the problems that await us
In the perils that will meet us
Protect us, Heavenly Father.

In the pains of our achievements
In the powers that would control us
Protect us, heavenly Father.

In our purposes and leisure
In our passions and our pleasure
Protect us, heavenly Father.
Prayer by Anon on 03 May 2013
Lord God, as we consider
Jesus' prayer for his people,
guide us to aim for the right
goals, and lead us into
open-hearted attitudes of
love for all who claim the
name of Christ.



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