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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity works to equip Christians to engage biblically and relevantly with the issues they face, including Work, Capitalism, Youth Culture, Media and Communication.



St Nicholas Church in the Market Place in Durham have a Market Place project which is about making fresh connections with workers and shoppers in the Market Place in Durham City. The project director is Grant Maclaughlan.


The Association for Spirit at Work is a non-profit association of people and organizations who are interested in the study and practice of spirituality in the workplace. The mission of the Association is to provide community, information, and education, for those who are integrating their work and their spirituality.


OASIS is a non-profit organisation serving the business community and exploring connections between business and spirituality in the city of Edinburgh 


Christians in Science is an international network of those concerned with relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue .


Christian Medical fellowship aims to unite Christian doctors and medical students in Christ, and to encourage them to deepen their faith, live like Christ, and serve him obediently, particularly through acting competently and with compassion in their medical practice. It does this through regular conferences and meetings, publications and overseas service.


CHRISM (Christians in Secular Ministry) is open to all in accredited ministry who exercise a major part of their ministry in their workplace, and those who support this vision.  CHRSIM aims to celebrate the presence of God and the holiness of life in work, and to see and tell the Christian story there.


Industrial Christian Fellowship is a membership organisation which works to encourage individuals to deepen their understanding of God's purpose in the world of work.  They provide support by developing and making accessible a theology of work that enriches the Christian's way of life, and by working with other faith-and-work organisations


The Christian Association of Business Executives is dedicated to bringing Christian values and moral principles to the world of work, particularly at executive level. CABE believe that the significance of business in our society has never been greater, and for Christians to serve there is our response to the challenge of the Incarnation.


The Ridley Hall Foundation is a project concerned with relating Christian faith to the world of work, notably that of business, and has been in existence since 1989.  The Foundation is directed by Dr Richard Higginson



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